Compromise Citations

If you were issued a compromise citation or ordinance violation citation by a Beecher police officer, or Village of Beecher code enforcement officer, and have any questions about the citation please read this section for guidance.

The copy of the citation given to you, or left on your vehicle by the officer has instructions on the back of the hard copy with payment options and the forms of payment accepted by the village. It is important that citations are paid on time, and mailed with ample time to arrive at the police department by the due date. Citations received after the due date will incur additional fines and fees. The compromise program is unqiue, in that, it allows the violator to pay a 50% reduction in the fine if the citation is paid by the due date listed.

Compromise citations are two (2)weeks (or ten (10) business days) after issuance. Payments can be made at the Beecher Police Department, or Beecher Village Hall.

If you would like to contest your parking or ordinance citation, please come to the Beecher Police Department, between 8:30 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. to request a court date from the records division.

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